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4 Questions To Ask Suppliers Before Renting Or Purchasing An Office Trailer

Be sure to ask suppliers these four questions before renting or purchasing an office trailer.

Be sure to ask suppliers these four questions before renting or purchasing an office trailer.

After deciding to rent or buy an office trailer, you must find the right supplier. You will likely have a few options of companies within your area to choose from, but it’s important to do the research to find a reputable, quality supplier with the best office trailer options in your price range. Continue reading for four questions to ask potential suppliers before renting or purchasing an office trailer.

What Is The Delivery Charge?

Most suppliers will charge a flat rate for a certain mile radius, plus an additional fee for every mile outside of the radius. When getting a quote for your office trailer, ask the supplier for a quote based on dollars-per-mile. If the supplier is out of state, keep in mind that there may be state transportation fees or oversized load regulations. It’s essential to read the fine print before signing anything and to ask as many questions as you need to be clear on the delivery charges. 

What Is The Condition Of The Trailer?

You also want to ask about where the trailers come from and how old they are, as most suppliers give you the option to rent or purchase new or old office trailers. They should be in good condition, but it always a good idea to ask about the trailer’s history, such as how many times it has been leased, how many miles it has traveled, if it has any damages, and what type of climate it has been exposed to.

What Are My Options?

As mentioned above, many suppliers offer both new and old office trailers to rent or purchase, but they may have different sizes available. Ask what is available at the moment and what makes them different in price. Also, let the supplier know how you intend to use the trailer, as they will be able to help you decide which size is the right fit!

Do I Need A Permit?

Depending on the location of your site, you may need a permit to place the trailer on the property. Most of the time, a temporary structure that is part of a construction project will not need a permit, while you may need one for a residential area. While you should do some research on your own, most suppliers will be able to let you know when you need a permit and when you don’t. Find out what is your responsibility and what the supplier will take care of when it comes to permits to ensure you follow the rules.

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