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4 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Container

storage container

With these simple tips, you will have a better understanding of how to rent a storage container.

Before renting a storage container, you must ask yourself many questions pertaining to your business. Questions pertaining to permits, additional fees, length of leases, and sizes of containers are all pertinent details in renting a storage container. With these simple tips, you will have a better understanding of how to rent a storage container.

Do You Need a Permit?

Depending on the city or county in which your place of business is located, permits will vary. If you’re renting your storage container unit for a short amount of time (a two- or three-month minimum lease), then you probably only have to obtain a temporary use permit. You may not need a permit at all, but it’s a good idea to call local agencies to collect the proper information before renting.

What Is the Delivery Fee?

Your next step is to figure out whether or not you will be paying a delivery fee. Most suppliers charge a flat-rate delivery fee for locations within 60 miles of their branch location. Be sure to get an accurate quote that includes any potential delivery fees before your storage container is delivered to your site.

How Long Will You Need It?

A two- or three-month lease is normally the minimum lease that suppliers provide. If you’re unsure of how long you will need your storage container, working with a supplier that is willing to be flexible for your changing needs is crucial.

How Much Space Do You Require?

When it comes to storage containers, you have two options: 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers. In order to get an accurate idea of which size you will need, assess exactly what you will be using your storage container for. Also, think about the usual changes your business goes through and if a smaller or bigger container would suit those needs.

The Allied Advantage: Storage Unit Containers

Allied Storage offers versatile, competitively-priced secure storage Conex boxes to numerous industries. Our storage units are weather-resistant and designed to be a safe, simple, ground-level solution for your storage requirements. The right storage unit provider is an essential part of making sure your needs are met and that you get a high-quality storage unit that will last as long as you need (and much longer!).

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