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4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Mobile Office Trailer

Make sure to do all of your research and ask the proper questions when purchasing a mobile office trailer!

A mobile office trailer is great for an office that is undergoing a renovation or relocation. It provides you with a temporary space for your employees to work so that business productivity isn’t affected by construction or moving. You want to make sure you do all of your research before investing in a mobile office trailer so that you are getting the best quality for your money. Here are four questions to ask before purchasing a mobile office trailer. 

Trailer History

The first thing you want to inquire about when purchasing a mobile office trailer is where the supplier gets their trailers from. This is especially important if you are renting or buying a used trailer because you want to ensure it’s still in good shape. You want to ask how old the trailer is, how many times it’s been leased, if it has endured any damages, and what type of climate it has previously been exposed to.

Delivery Charges

While trailer companies may tell you how much it will cost for the trailer itself, they may sometimes leave out those costly delivery charges. Typically, suppliers will charge a flat rate for a certain mile range and then charge an additional fee per mile outside of that range. You want to ask your potential supplier for an estimate depending on cost per mile.


It is important that you ask about any permits you may need to have your mobile office trailer delivered. Though most large commercial properties and construction projects don’t require permits for temporary trailers, the laws are different in each area, so it’s best to double check. Your supplier should know when a permit is required and when it isn’t, so simply ask them before making your purchase.

Site Prep

Ideally, your mobile office trailer should be placed on a level surface. In addition, you want to make sure all rocks and debris have been cleared so that the trailer can be secured to the ground. It is important to ask about site preparation because some suppliers will prepare it for you, while others require that it be prepared ahead of time.

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