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4 Benefits Of A Storage Container Pop-Up Shop

Learn about four benefits of a storage container pop-up shop.

Learn about four benefits of a storage container pop-up shop.

Pop-up shops are a unique and exciting development in retail over the past few years. They allow businesses and brands to bring the product to the customer and design a space and experience that reinvigorates their market. The best thing about them is that they can “pop-up” anywhere without needing to sign a long term lease or commit to an area. This is the quality of pop-up shops that makes them so well suited to storage containers. Storage containers can be repurposed into great pop-up shops with loads of benefits.

It’s An Experience

One of the most interesting aspects of a pop-up shop is the experiential aspect, meaning that simply shopping there gives the customer a unique experience over a traditional shop. The experience should strike an emotional chord and create a lasting relationship with customers. When it works, it is the start of a deep and meaningful relationship between brand and loyal customers. 

It’s Mobile

The mobility of pop-up shops is well matched to the mobility of storage containers. They can allow new shops to spring upright in the areas where target audiences already are. The storage container also has a very small footprint, allowing you to “pop-up” in very tight spaces, where traditional retail could never flourish. Containers can also be equipped with exactly the storage needed to secure stock during travel so that once you arrive at your destination you can set up quickly and have more time to connect with customers.

It’s Fast

Opening a pop-up shop in a storage container is very fast, much faster than opening up a traditionally built shop. Storage containers can be fitted with whatever equipment your business needs, from HVAC to the internet, and delivered ready to use. While most traditionally built shops take months, your container pop-up shop could be ready in weeks instead. And since most businesses are estimated to lose about 2% of their gross profits for every week they’re not open, those months of construction would be very costly indeed.

It Can Monetize Dead Space

If instead of a new small business entrepreneur, you’re already a property owner, container pop-ups still provide an exciting opportunity. Your large parking lot is likely not used to its fullest every day. You could instead use the space to allow some small pop-ups to set up with storage container shops. It is a great way to monetize unused space and it to give new start-up businesses a helping hand.

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