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3 Ways to Reinforce Your Office Trailers During Inclement Weather

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Make sure that irreplaceable office materials and information are protected with these weatherproof office trailer tips.

With the severe weather conditions that the East Coast has experienced this spring, finding ways to reinforce your office trailers is a smart idea. The last thing you want is for important documents, information, and electronics to be ruined. Make sure that irreplaceable office materials and information are protected with these weatherproof office trailer tips.

Anchor Correctly

Ensuring that your office trailer is correctly anchored to the ground is the first step in protecting your office materials. Using manufactured-housing tie-downs are the best way to anchor trailers to their turf. The size of your trailer will determine how many tie-downs it needs.

Cut Foliage Back

In case of high winds and excessive rainfall, it is best to cut down all low-hanging branches surrounding your office trailer. Also prune any nearby shrubs, bushes, and other plants that could easily fall over and be blown into the trailer.

Reinforce Locks, Doors, and Windows

In case of a hurricane or tornado with devastatingly high winds, it’s best to invest in extra locks, deadbolts, and storm windows. While reinforcing your locks and windows, it’s also a good time to reevaluate your trailer’s block foundation and make sure it is high enough off the ground to prevent flooding. It’s also a good idea to run some plastic shipping wrap under doors and windows to prevent water seepage.

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