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3 Myths About Storage Containers

Learn the truth behind three common myths about storage containers.

Learn the truth behind three common myths about storage containers.

Storage containers have many uses and advantages, as they are cost-effective methods for businesses to add storage space. Businesses of all industries can benefit from storage unit containers, as they can hold everything from power tools and equipment to important documents. However, you may have heard some things about storage containers that are false. Continue reading to learn about common myths about storage containers and the truth behind these statements.

They Are Dirty

Have you heard that storage containers are all just dirty boxes? This is not the case, as all containers delivered by Allied Trailers are clean and ready to use! Our storage containers are available both new and used, for rent or purchase, but even the used containers are clean and well-maintained. We always keep detailed records of inspections performed on our storage units and containers, as well as up-to-date marine surveyor records for conex containers.

They Are Too Expensive For Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit greatly from storage containers, and are a much more cost-effective solution than any other form of storage. With storage containers, you don’t have to pay for space you don’t need, as you can choose the length that works best for your needs. There is no better solution than choosing the amount of space you need, and buying/renting a container at a reasonable price! At Allied Trailers, our containers are available in numerous sizes, including 20’ containers and 40’ containers, and we always give customers a clear, honest quote so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

They Are Not Secure

It’s true that storage containers can be a target for thieves, just like any building or storefront. However, storage containers are extremely secure and are built to keep the items inside protected from theft. Our storage unit containers are constructed from high-quality steel and metal not only to keep your things safe from thieves, but also from weather damage. We know that storage containers are used for storing expensive and important inventory, so we’ve designed all units to be a safe, weather-resistant, ground-level solution for businesses of all industries.

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