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3 Industries That Benefit from Portable Trailers and Storage Containers


Here are just a few of the many industries that benefit from the extraordinary versatility of trailers and containers.

There are numerous industries that use trailers and containers for a myriad of reasons. By far, the top advantage of both trailers and containers is the versatility of each. This versatility is what allows both trailers and containers to be used in many ways by many industries on a global scale. Here are just a few of the many industries that benefit from the extraordinary versatility of trailers and containers.


With the many on-going projects that government agencies and public works departments have, portable trailers and storage containers come in handy all the time. Police departments, airports, and homeland security contractors are just a few of the many agencies and departments that need on-site, adaptable trailers to support the needs of government employees.

Small Business

When it comes to retail, in-store storage space is limited. With trailers and containers, a small business retailer can store a surplus of products safely. With heavy-duty industrial-strength steel and high-quality locks, all products are secure in an on-site storage container.


It’s no secret that schools can quickly outgrow their buildings and need additional space for classrooms. When that space runs out, schools can look to on-campus trailers. On-campus trailers provide the ideal educational space and efficient classroom organization. It’s no wonder why schools all over the world have started using modular trailers for additional classroom space. This practice is said to be beneficial for some students as staying engaged and on-task is easy within a singular building rather than a large school.

Partner With Allied Trailers

Allied Trailers offers storage trailers and containers to numerous businesses all over the East Coast. We provide partners with convenient, safe places to store excess inventory every day or for short-term periods during construction and remodeling. Allied Trailers has a large fleet of trucks and drivers to deliver your container or trailer, so the entire process is handled by the same experts every step of the way. Our offerings are customized to cater to a many different retail industry partners, including big box stores, auto shops, warehouse stores, furniture stores and furniture distribution centers, sporting goods stores, hospitality industry partners, shopping malls, and more!

The Allied Advantage

Allied Trailers is a leading provider of space solutions for the construction, education, energy, industrial, commercial/retail, healthcare, and government markets. With operations on the East Coast of the United States, and serving more than 50,000 customers, Allied Trailers operates a fleet of nearly 10,000 modular space and secure storage units that are leased through a network of 8 branch locations along the East Coast of North America. Check out our Locations page for contact information, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and our don’t forget to check out our blog.

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